söndag 18 januari 2015

Summary of 2014 Top 10

Hello everybody! Christmas seems already so far away and I'm busy looking for signs of spring. During the second half of 2014 my blog activity sank to zero because of me feeling so tired I hardly managed working full time. The cause of my feeling so tired was revealed at the doctor's in the autumn - shitty (pardon my language, but that was what it felt like) blood status. Plenty of pills later I now feel better and I hope this year will be a healtier one.

Today I've put together a simple summary of my paper crafting projects of 2014 beginning with my take on iHanna's DIY Post Card Swap. Visiting iHanna is always like taking off on a journey of creativity.

Below is one of the Mother's Day cards I made. It was for sale at the local flower shop and there were two customers fighting over it... I regret I didn't make two of them and I will make sure there will be several to choose from this year LOL!

 This card is a rather small one I made for a challenge at The Shabby Tea Room, one of my favourite challenge blogs as there is a fab design team to get you going with loads of inspirational works of art.

The card below was a result of a challenge at Hobbyworld. Usually I play safe but this time I wanted to challenge myself. As you see there is not a piece of patterned paper...

I love decorating boxes and this is one of those from last year.

Here's a large matchbox which was subject to a make over.

The focal point of the card below is the lovely retro image. I just couldn't help buying these images and this was my first attempt to using one of them.

Not a year without making a bunch of birthday cards. This one was made for our youngest grandchild Joline who turned six last year.

We also celebrated a 30-year-old in December last year. I love those soft subtle colours of this card.

Finally some atc:s I made for a swap. The theme was masculine vintage and it was really a challenge since I usually make romantic things with loads of flowers.

Thank you for stopping by today and welcome back soon. Within a few days I plan to announce a candy open to everybody who runs a blog and I hope you will find it yummy.

Wishing you all a fabulous 2015!

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